Who is Rob Kolb?

My story

It all began in 2004. This was the year I completed my schooling as was seeking a job in my field. This proved to be very difficult due to state budget cuts. At that point, I had a young child and plenty of bills to pay. I wanted to be more in control of my future. The following spring, I started my first business “Kolbs lawn care”. While I ran this business for 6 years, my Income was moderate at best. In 2010 I added an underground pet containment dealership to my list of ventures. Income per job was great, but the jobs were hard to get. In 2012 I had my first opportunity to move into my current field. I was working for another company as a project manager. It was a great job and I learned a lot. In 2013 I got an even better opportunity to develop a insurance restoration division to an existing General contracting company. I learned more and more and get very good at what I did. In 2014, I got the idea for BCS Consulting. At first, I was concerned about the name. We mainly did roofing and I knew that the company name was not consistent with a roofing company. I had a vision for the future but was unsure of what exactly that vision was. Now, in the spring of 2017 my vision in finally clear. You see, the world of insurance restoration is a very complicated area. Our goal is to make that process seamless for are customers. My passion is to develop a system that could be applied nationwide. This system benefits all parties involved and really insures that all parties are treated in a fair manner. I believe in the near future, BCS Consulting will have revolutionized this process and be helping millions of homeowners and insurance companies in the process.  

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