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“I just wanted to take a few minutes to write a testimonial –

I have had numerous estimates and quotes over the last two years on getting my roof repaired/replaced. Everyone just looked and told me different things, then wanted to go straight to selling me the top shingle and start tomorrow. Rob came out to our home, sat down with us and explained the entire process. In addition Rob actually went up on the roof to inspect it, and marked off our defect areas – none of our other estimates did that.

After that Rob again came over to our home and discussed the issues, and options with insurance. One of the best parts of this experience was as soon as I contacted my insurance company, Rob met them at my home and handled all the details. It was nice to know an expert was dealing directly with my agent and I was not being told things I would not know was right or wrong. The roof replacement process was seamless. We were provided with samples as well as homes that had the colors we were looking for with new roofing so we could drive by and help make our choice based off real life work. They also helped us with our color by providing the pros and cons of our few final selections. Then things moved quickly, everything Rob stated he was going to do was done, and done professionally. I am very pleased not only with the roof, but the entire process from start to finish. Rob made this experience painless. I highly recommend BCS Consulting for your roofing needs!!!!!!”

-Jason M.


Jason M.

Home Owner

“I could not speak any higher of my experience with BCS Consulting in regards to my new roof. The service I received was incredible. They made it their priority to find out what I was looking for and they made it happen. The installation was efficient and clean, I recommend BCS consulting to anyone.”

-Steve U.


Steve U., Home Owner

“Working with BCS Consulting made this necessary investment run incredibly smooth. It’s a no risk all reward process. I saved over $10,000! The only out-of-pocket expense was my deductible from my insurance provider. Not to mention BCS installed an exceptional roof that puts my mind at ease for years to come. I hear friends of mine who have spent full price for a roof because of damage that mother nature was responsible for. Let BCS Consulting help you get the brand new roof you deserve. You’ll be glad you did!”

-Kyle H.


Kyle H.

Home Owner

“Had BCS Consulting replace my roof. Everything was perfect. [The team was] Very knowledgeable, polite, and professional. 2 months later, my kitchen ceiling was showing signs of water damage. I called BCS and they immediately dispatched a gentleman to come take a look. The moisture was actually caused by an exhaust fan in my bathroom and completely unrelated to my roof. The guy from BCS properly ventilated the fan and charged me nothing for the work. Great people!!!”

-Ben N.

Ben N.

Home Owner

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