We are revolutionizing the insurance industry, one claim at a time. We have always been a unique company that focused in a niche area, but now that area has become even more specialized. We work with all parties involved in the insurance claims process for weather related damages.

Our Goal

Our goal in this business is to ensure a fair and accurate settlement for both the property owner and insurance company. The current process of filing a weather related claim is a very flawed system on all sides. When BCS was first founded, we catered more so to homeowners because it was easy to think that the big bad insurance company wants to give you an unfair settlement or deny you altogether. After five years of very hard work, we have learned all the flaws in the system and have concluded that it is in fact a very flawed system. It most cases, the insurance company is either not the bad guy or did not realize that they were the bad guy. Just reading what I’m writing may be hard to understand. If it is, welcome to the industry. The entire process is hard to understand.

Our Team

Rob Kolb



Julie Shaffer

Case Manager



Sari Rahman


Email: Sales@@bcsapproach.net

Brian Speelman


Email: sales@bcsapproach.net

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