Insurance Restoration Frequently Asked Questions

You can have a lot of your questions answered here, but always feel free to call us at  419.320.0552 for more assistance and a FREE inspection as well.

How can I benefit from hiring a BCS Consulting to assist with a wind and storm damage claim?

Insurance companies mobilize large numbers of independent adjusters after storms. Many of these claim adjusters are inexperienced and have a heavy workload. Hiring BCS Consulting will speed up the insurance claim process and will ensure you’re paid for all damage to your property.

How much damage do I need to have to file a claim?

Not much really. Marble-sized hail can cause substantial granule loss and other shingle damage. 45+ mph winds can break the shingles’ seals and cause creases and tears. Our HAAG certified inspectors will be able to determine whether or not there is sufficient damage to file a claim.



If I file a claim, will I be canceled or will my premiums be increased?
This issue can very from state to state. Typically, most insurance companies can’t raise your rates or drop your coverage for weather related claims.
My roof was damaged by a recent hail storm. The damage appears to be cosmetic. Should I file a roof damage insurance claim?

The dings in your roof are the result of direct physical damage from an “act of God” and as such, the hail damage would be covered if you filed a claim with your insurance company.If roof is made of composite asphalt materials those dings will likely get worse over time as wind and rain slowly wash the loosened granules off your roof. When this happens, the hail damage may manifest as leaks and the ensuing water will cause damage to your home.

How long do I have to file a claim?

This can vary depending on your insurance company. Typically you have one year from the storm date to file a claim with your insurance. In some cases you can have as little as 3 months to file.

How does BCS Consulting LLC. get paid?

BCS Consulting works on a performance based contingency agreement. We only get paid if we successfully negotiate your claim and the homeowner is only responsible for paying their deductible.

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